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Here is why we are First Content Factory in The Country

  • Internationally Qualified Contents
  • Hand-Crafted 
  • Uniquely Customised Wordings
  • Flexible and Reliable
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Highly Professional Handling
  • We serve Businesses too (B2B)
  • Size does never matter to us

and yes, there were no firms providing only content service before us in Sri Lanka

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We are with you for a 4 years, making stunning experience with content solutions

lets break the ice now…

Question: What is Content Writing?

A Content writing is a writing service specialises in providing relevant content for websites and other online sources to help Businesses and Individuals to reach their messages to their very own targeted audience. Understanding the fact that every website has its very specific targeted audience and requires different content the content must be written by a recognised experts aiming the search engines where the most of the potential audience go for their searches. Not only marketing purposes, we also write contents for informative sites as well e-commerce websites where description is required to write in a technical manner.


Question: Why do you call your self the first content factory when there are too many who provide content writing?

Yes, it sounds too rude ai?
The reason we call ourself as the first content writer is although there are many reputed and experience firms who provide content writing service, they all are part of web development and/or marketing agencies with providing only limited contents to their web clients.

Question: What else you offer then??

We do not only offer web contents, we also provide offline contents such as Corporate Document writing, business related documents, Forms, Marketing Materials such as Leaflets, Brochures, Advertisement, and everything related to this.

Question: What more you do?

We also offer Translation for various purposes. From Official Translations to Literature for publication we offer all kind of translations in a very professional delivery system. Specially we do all sorts of translations for NGOs, NPOs and organisations in all three major languages in Sri Lanka

Question: How reasonable are you in prices?

we give average or less than unfair market price to keep the standard.

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